Bronze and Fibreglass

This body of work combines bronze, fibreglass and colour and continues to explore themes relating to perspective.

The solo show ‘Elements of Sculpture’ combined photographic images with bronze sculptures, this has opened up a new world of colour for de Brí. The bronze and fibreglass work is a direct continuation of this work where she continues to explore themes relating to perspective. This theme of perspective and the desire to examine the world from different points of view has fed her recent works.

She began scaling up some of the images into three-dimensional pieces, for example ‘Apple Seat’ and ‘Mandarins and Thinking man’. The apple has all the shading and speckles of an actual apple. The mandarins have the magnified texture of a real mandarin combined with the vivid orange shading. Enlarging these every day fruits makes them dominant, overpowering, asking us to look at nature with a different perspective. The ‘midnight sky’ wall pieces all take an elongated section of sky and place figures in tableau beneath it, again nature is dominant.

This body of work allows Orla to play with scale, colour and texture juxtaposing perspective and exploring our relationship with nature.

orla de bri red apple bronze
orla de bri she silently observes bronze
orla de bri equilibrium bronze
orla de bri round and round bronze
orla de bri reclining figure and midnight sky bronze
orla de bri couple and midnight sky bronze
orla de bri thinking men midnight sky bronze

orla de bri mandarins and thinking man bronze
orla de bri apple seat bronze