Russborough House 2019

she stag

'Flux' 2015


This body of work is about life and how nothing stays the same, we are all subject to continuous change. Each piece in the show is merging into some form from nature, antlers, branches or drops of water.

Through my work different characters have appeared; The Thinking Man, The Overt Woman and The Journey Man. This show introduces the ‘She Stag’. Gender roles are changing, men are more involved in nurturing and women are providing. The’ She Stag’ is about having no restrictions on gender.

By combining figures with nature I seek to highlight the natural world as a source of energy and stability. Figures and objects merge into branches, indicating a desire for change at a conscious level.

Some of the sculptures merge into drops of water, these pieces are about drawing energy and comfort from our surroundings, they also play with the idea of how fluid our form is. We were immersed in water before birth and physically we are two-thirds water. Bathing or swimming has an invigorating and restorative effect hence water is widely associated with renewal. These three-dimensional pieces are derived from that feeling and sense of water.

Each piece in the show explores the changing nature of things.
‘All is flux, nothing stays still’. Heraclitus of Ephesus.

orla de bri saplings 2
orla de bri landscape
orla de bri winter phone
orla de bri summer phone
orla de bri silent listening final
orla de bri isolated she stag opt 02 02 2
orla de bri paired
orla de bri paired 02
orla de bri the rut 3
orla de bri herd mentality
orla de bri she stag 1
orla de bri she stag 2
orla de bri maverick feet 2
orla de bri copes
orla de bri flux opt 03
orla de bri steps 2
orla de bri trophy
orla de bri evolution of a she stag 1
orla de bri maverick limb
orla de bri vessel